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Deferred Compensation Plans

These employer-sponsored compensation programs, funded by employees or employers, may grow tax deferred. Read more ...

Corporate Owned Life Insurance

An extremely useful asset to the company,
COLI can fund benefit plans over the life
an insured employee. Read more ...

Bank Owned Life Insurance

We have 20 years of experience in this highly
specialized field. Find out how BOLI can help
your balance sheet. Read more ...

Client Fact Finders:

Client Ready Census Form – NQDC (Excel File)
Checklist of Executive Benefits (PDF File)
Common Client Questions (PDF File)
Executive Benefits Grid – A Deferred Compensation Comparison (PDF File)

Deferred Compensation Material:

Attraction and Retention of the Key Employee (PDF File)
AALU 409A Final Regs Summary (PDF File)
SBG Phantom Stock Plans – Stand Alone Piece (PDF File)

Company Owned Life Insurance (COLI):

Frequently Asked Questions about COLI (PDF File)
COLI Best Practices Law – AALU 101(j) Review – (PDF File)

Bank Owned Life Insurance (BOLI):

SBG BOLI Article – Consultant Overview
AALU_BOLI_Overview 2004-56
SBG Sample Carriers List

Employer Group Waiver Plans:

SBG EggWhip Flowchart
The_Trillion_Dollar_Gap_Pew report 2010
Iceberg Ahead -The hidden costs of public sector retiree health benefits in New York
AMWINS Corporate Overview
The Egg Whip Mechanic vs RDS Subsidy

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