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Deferred Compensation Plans

These employer-sponsored compensation programs, funded by employees or employers, may grow tax deferred. Read more ...

Corporate Owned Life Insurance

An extremely useful asset to the company,
COLI can fund benefit plans over the life
an insured employee. Read more ...

Bank Owned Life Insurance

We have 20 years of experience in this highly
specialized field. Find out how BOLI can help
your balance sheet. Read more ...
Employer Deferral Account Plans

Defined Contribution:  The employer may make an employee elective contribution that is based upon one or more of the following:
· Formula of Gross/Net Income
· Formula of Gross/Net Sales
· Net profit (Phantom Stock)
· Etc.

Defined Benefit: The Employer promises to provide a set amount of income (percentage of salary or fixed amount) and is committed to funding the obligation over a set number of years (determined by the employer’s needs)

In combination with employee elective deferrals plans, these plans can provide a meaningful “golden handcuff” that can help a company attract, retain and reward their key employees.


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