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Deferred Compensation Plans

These employer-sponsored compensation programs, funded by employees or employers, may grow tax deferred. Read more ...

Corporate Owned Life Insurance

An extremely useful asset to the company,
COLI can fund benefit plans over the life
an insured employee. Read more ...

Bank Owned Life Insurance

We have 20 years of experience in this highly
specialized field. Find out how BOLI can help
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Executive Benefits Plan Design Questionnaire


In an ideal world which item(s) is/are most important?


 1. Current Deduction
 2. Current Employee Deferral
 3. Retention of the Employee (Golden Handcuff)
 a. Flexible Vesting Schedule per employee
 b. Stock like Structure
 c. 401K Look Alike
 4. Tax Deductible Benefit Payable at Retirement
 5. Complete executive control over the asset
 6. Flexibility of the plan design by participant
 7. Matched asset against a deferred benefit
 8. Key Man Insurance
 9. Cost Recovery of a Benefit Plan


 1. Current Deduction (i.e. like 401K)
 2. No Limit to retirement contribution
 3. Tax Deferred Growth
 4. Tax Free Income at Retirement
 5. Tax Free Death Benefit
 6. Access to Cash during Employment

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